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Scoreboard Software

Software updates

Date: october 10th, 2010

Sparring 4.1.5

- Fixed issues with installing on Windows 7 and Vista with UAC enabled
- Updated software for new hardware interface
- Added beta implementation of a ASCII interface (Ringmaster alike). Currently being tested.

Poomsae 2.19

- Fixed issues with installing on Windows 7 and Vista with UAC enabled

Date: march 10th, 2010

Sparring 3.9.6

- Replaced green shapes on juryform with background picture
- Removed entries for roundtime, injurytime and breaktime when connected to TaekoPlan
- Fixed issue with not properly showing greenbar on juryform in case of 2 rounds and starting Golden Point.

Poomsae 2.18

- Fix: creating extra round with competitors starting at for example no. 3upto 4 would transfer all competitors from 1 to 4.
- Fix: Creating a next round without selecting competitors would destroy an already existing next round incl. results
- Fix: After ccreating a next round and entering that round, averages were shown, which should not have been there yet.
- Fix: processing result did not show ranking. Sometimes needed 2 or 3 times pressing.
- New: up to nine extra rounds can be created now.
- New: Realtime category selection screen in place of existing category selection screen.
- Fix: Pulldown box for selecting round in competitor list screen would not work.
- Fix: Selecting next competitor sometimes crashed the application
- Fix: Some screen build-up issues

Data Logging

The scoreboard software has a lot of logging facilities.

What will be logged during a fight:

- Start/end of fight
- Each push by any corner judge at any time (both press and release)
- The actual scoring of a point
- The pushes 'in error'
- Any correction made by the jurytable (+ or -)

All logging times are in 1/1000 of a second (1 millisecond). This ensures correct and valid logging data.

How is a timeslot working:

Any push by any cornerjudge for chong starts a timeslot (flexible) for chong. And so any push by any cornerjudge for hong starts a timeslot for hong. So there are two separate timeslots, one for each colour (red of blue).
Any second push (or third if necessary) for the same colour within the timeslot (either 1 or 2 points), closes the timeslot for that colour and scores the point(s).
When a cornerjudge accidentally pushes for the wrong colour and corrects it within the timeslot, the point will be scored. At the same time, he opened a timeslot for the wrong colour. This is immediately closed after pushing the correct one. Any push outside the timeslot will start a new one. Correction after timeslot close will also start a new timeslot. This might give the danger that any judge might score a point, which might not have been given.
So cornerjudges should be aware of the fact that pushing the wrong button could create erratic behaviour on the scoreboard.
There are two options for the timeslot setting; either can it be done on each court itself or it can be done in TaekoPlan. When done in TaekoPlan, the timeslot can't be changed on the court itself.

A screenshot of the logging facilities will follow. This logging is available in TaekoPlan.

First of all the specified logging of any pushaction by any judge:


The number of pushactions from each judge


The logging of the points, corrections, warning etc.


For the adidas ESM connectio, logging of the press/release action is not completely possible. The press can be detected, but the release action is not communicated in the system, so is not known.







Official resellers

The following companies are official resellers for the BudoScore Scoreboard System:



See the reseller page for detailed contact information. 


Official distributor
We are official distributor of
electronic body protector equipment.

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ETU Partnership

BudoScore Netherlands is official partner of the


European Taekwondo Union.


TaekoPlan Subscription

Subscription for any tournament can be done through

All your competitors and officials available for immediate download.
Only annual costs for TaekoPlan license holders, non TaekoPlan users pay a fixed fee for each entry.
Output in an format (XLS, PDF, Access,flat text)
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You can download a powerpoint presentation of the scoreboard system. It shows you a lot of information about the system. For more info, contact us at



Flyer Scoreboard

Click on the image below to download the original flyer from the scoreboard system. It gives you a lot of info. If you need more info, feel free to send an email to